News from High Suffolk Rotary


£2,000 to local childrens charities – At our meeting on 14th Feb, we presented funds from Santa’s Sleigh to Mid-Suffolk Holiday Opportunity Play Scheme and Suffolk Family Carers.

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Dunkirk at the Harleston Cinema


ON Thursday 25th January 2018 - Dunkirk (Thriller/Drama) 12A.  In May/June 1940, the German army has advanced into France, trapping 400,00 Allied troops on the beaches of Dunkirk.  Britain sends civilian boats to try to evacuate the beleaguered forces.  This is the story as seen through the eyes of one soldier amongst those trapped forces. Directed by Christopher Nolan, starring Kenneth Branagh, Mark Rylance, and Harry Styles, with an impressive score written by Hans Zimmer.

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Sherlock Holmes and the Hooded Lance

With Julian Harries as Holmes & Dick Mainwaring as Watson.



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Holmes and Watson faces their stiffest challenge yet, in the shape of the Hooded Lance, their newest and deadliest adversary, who is hell bent on spoiling everyone’s Christmas and being really annoying!

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